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The Legend of Andrew Rufus: Dark Awakening Book One in the Urban Fantasy book series by M.M. Crumley. good YA Coming of Age series for boys. favorite YA Coming of Age weird wild west series. Coming of Age weird wild west series. top YA Coming of Age weird wild west series. number one Coming of Age weird wild west series. favorite YA Coming of Age weird wild west cowboy series. new YA Coming of Age series with magic wild west.
 The Legend of Andrew Rufus: Dark Awakening
(Series Book #1 of 7)

The world isn’t what it seems...
Ripped through time and thrust into a world of supernatural myths and legends, young Andrew Rufus must do the impossible to survive.
A twisted magic has merged Andrew’s mind with the body of Pecos Bill, the most powerful man alive, leaving Pecos powerless to act as countless lives hang in the balance.
Against all hope, Andrew must find a way to harness Pecos’s unfathomable strength or watch as more innocents die in the onslaught of Septimis, the god-snake.
Fighting as one man, Andrew and Pecos will be pushed to their limits to hold back the tides of death; but even with all the strength in the world, will Andrew be strong enough to Embrace the Power and Become the Legend...

If you’re willing to follow a boy down the bloody road to manhood, fighting shoulder to shoulder with legends, then start reading today. You won’t regret it. 
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Every Andrew Rufus book is an action-packed adventure, but the series itself is about a journey. Andrew Rufus begins the series as a normal teenager, but he ends the series as a man. With every book Andrew grows and changes; and his tough companions change with him. Even as they teach him how to be a man, he challenges their rules on what it means to be male. Faced with terrible truths, Andrew struggles with his identity as a "white man" and begins to question what is right and wrong, what is moral, and how far is too far. Every day he falls further and further into darkness, further and further from the accepted norm, from the accepted morality; but he learns to survive, no matter the cost; and he always protects his own.

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Check out what fans had to say about the Andrew Rufus series:
★★★★★ “I have read hundreds of kindle unlimited and this is absolutely the best series I have ever read. Enough said.”
★★★★★ “This series just keeps getting better and better with every book. Best series with magic wild west!”
★★★★★ “This is a must read series. The first book might be a little slow getting started but stay with it. Trust me!”
★★★★★ “...Can't recommend this series strongly enough. My favorite YA Coming of Age weird wild west series.”
★★★★★ “Was up till 2:30 am to find how this one ended.”
★★★★★ “This series of books are well written and fun to read! I like them because they’re completely different from most of the fiction that I’ve been reading lately!”

"M.M. Crumley does a triumphant job emblazoning new life into the nearly forgotten folk character of Pecos Bill. Charged with emotion, growth, and heroes who make you believe in legends again. This is one series you can't miss!" -Starred Editorial Review

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