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The M.M. Boulder Murder-Mystery Book Collection 5 Book Box Set
The M.M. Boulder Psychological Thriller Collection- A Killer Boxset of 5 Gripping and Deliciously-Dark Novels


Fans of psychological thrillers and edgy murder mysteries look no further!
If you're into morally ambiguous (but likable) characters who are willing to kill when pushed too far, then these are the books for you! Never bland and always the perfect blend of murder, mystery and dark humor that you crave from Amazon #1 Bestselling author M.M. Crumley writing as M.M. Boulder!

Lucille Stevenson has a secret...
Attacked at home by an unknown assailant, meek Lucille Stevenson should be dead, but she isn’t. She should have called the police, she should have told her family, she should have done a lot of things, but she didn’t. Because what Lucille did to her attacker went far beyond self-defense. It was cold, brutal, and vicious; and if anyone found out, her life would be over. Unfortunately, her biggest problem isn't getting rid of the body; it's that she really enjoyed killing the man and can't wait to do it again...

She knew her daddy had killed someone again... she just didn’t know why...
Amy Harrison knows something terrible happened; she just doesn’t know what because she can’t remember the first twelve years of her life. Determined to uncover the truth, Amy begins an experimental treatment to recover her lost memories, and all she can see is blood.
Blood. Whiskey. Pink. A voice. Someone who loved her. Someone she loved. A killer. And death. So much death. Convinced that her chaotic flashes of memory are real Amy keeps pushing forward despite what it’s doing to her. But the further she goes, the more her memories reveal a dark past that isn't finished with her yet...

The family that slays together, stays together...
Renowned statesman Jack Ellis spent his life building an empire: a family so influential and powerful that nothing could stand against it, not even the law. But nearly a century later everything Jack built is being obliterated by an enemy he never could have planned for.
Sian Ellis’s family members have just been brutally murdered, and she’s next. As she and her last remaining brother Gavin fight for their lives and search for answers, it soon becomes horribly clear that Gavin knows more than he’s saying.
With no one to trust and nowhere to run, Sian is forced to come face to face with her family’s darkest secrets and the twisted truth behind her lineage...

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like death threats and chocolate...
Diana Flynn never asked to be an object of affection; not from her asshole boss, not from her pervert stalker, not from her ex-husband; but for some reason creeps can’t seem to get enough of her. When faced with a dark admiration that goes too far, Diana realizes it is going to end with her in a body bag. But she’s not going to cower and beg for mercy because deep down Diana is more predator than prey and she knows that some problems can only be solved with a very sharp knife...
Unfortunately, there is far more going on than Diana could possibly know, and what she doesn’t know may just get her killed...

Two words, written in blood: I’M BACK...
Abby Brooks swore she’d never return to Antler Ridge Camp, not after what happened before; but a paycheck is a paycheck. Furthermore, one renovation job could save her family's struggling business and maybe the whole town with it.
Cooper Cliff, with all its flaws, is the only home Abby’s ever known, and the idea of leaving her quaint mountain town is too much to bear. But she should have trusted her gut, she should’ve said no, she should’ve run; because Abby’s just discovered a dismembered corpse in cabin number one, and it’s only the beginning...

What are you waiting for? Grab this KILLER boxset and start reading today. You know you want to!

What fans have said about M.M. Boulder’s Dark Comedy novels:
★★★★★“Love it. Great read. Quirky. Well written. Interesting and amusing. The surprise ending was killer.”
★★★★★“Great Read. I so enjoyed this book. Deadly subject but lighthearted approach made it out-of-the-ordinary and fun to read. Always good to see "just deserts."
★★★★★“Great, funny in the crazy way, book!”
★★★★★“Excellent book. One of the best books I've ever read.”

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