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Young farm-girl Ruthie Hall only has one problem... If you ask her what it is, she’ll likely tell you it’s that she needs a cell phone more than life itself (for a myriad of reasons). But in reality her only actual problem is an over-active imagination that tends to run away with her taking everyone in her life along for the ride. Join Ruthie as she sets out to prove to her parents that she is definitely mature enough for a cellphone and buckle up as the hijinks ensue. See what early readers are saying about Ruthie: “Ruthie is wonderful, she's like a modern Anne of Green Gables.” “My daughter (8 years old) loved Ruthie from the first page.” “It had my kids and I laughing so hard! More please!” “Perfect for any young reader, I highly recommend this fun little novel.” “A new children’s classic for sure.” Grab this fun new novel for the young reader in your life today! Intended for children ages 7-10+ and packed full of adorable illustrations that will keep your young reader engaged for hours. Available in eBook and print editions. So what are you waiting for? Try Ruthie Now!

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