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The Immortal Doc Holliday: Hidden Book one in the Urban Fantasy book series by M.M. Crumley. best modern fantasy stories for guys. best guy fantasy stories without romance. new urban fantasy hero for adults. best modern fantasy stories for guys. new modern world fantasy stories for men.
 The Immortal Doc Holliday: Hidden
(Series Book #1)

Soul eating tattoo. Check
Magical self-replicating knife. Check
Nearly two-hundred-year-old score to settle. Double check.
Meet the Immortal Doc Holliday.

Lying on his deathbed, Dr. John Holliday was offered a choice; let the tuberculosis finish its work or accept immortality. Doc chose the latter, knowing full well that such "gifts" don't come cheap, but damned if the last hundred years haven't been a blast. Partying, playing, fighting, killing; yes, eternal life's been good... But the time to get serious has finally come, and the task he's always known he was saved for is at hand. Now in modern-day Denver, Doc will be pushed to his limits to keep his promise and save the missing descendent of the beautiful shaman who gave him everlasting life. The trouble is things aren't going as planned, and it's becoming clear that there is far more at stake than Doc bargained for...

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And check out what some of our readers had to say:
★★★★★ "Doc Holliday is soo awesome!"
★★★★★ "I needed this right now. Best new modern world fantasy books for adults.”
★★★★★ "I'm addicted...Doc is my new drug of choice."
★★★★★ "The bantering made me laugh so hard. So much fun; plus a great plot, characters and action."

★★★★★ "Doc is my favorite new urban fantasy hero for adults!"
★★★★★ "This is why I learned to read. I just didn't know it until now."

Story Note: The real life gunslinger Doc Holliday's first confirmed kill was actually done with a knife; he later switched to guns because of his failing health. That's why this (healthy immortal) version of Doc is a knife guy rather than a gun guy. Have fun with it and happy reading!

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