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Three Generations of Graves Women. One Last Hope.

The perfect blend of supernatural action, mystery and laugh-out-loud humor that you crave from a Bestselling author!

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House of Graves review

"I’m totally wrapped up in the lives of Graves, Graves, Graves and Nash! I want to know what happens next! I don’t usually become this invested in characters, but Ms. Crumley’s writing is just that good."

House of Graves review

"You HAVE to read this book. My warning... Crumley has a gift of sneaking hysterically funny parts in. My eReader got a coffee bath!"

House of Graves review

"Better and better! I'm really liking this series. These 3 ladies are a force to be dealt with. This book just ended too soon!"

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Hi, I'm M.M. Crumley Your Author Extraordinaire 

 (Also Known as M.M. Boulder)

As M.M. Crumley I write Urban Fantasy books full of supernatural action, nail-biting-mystery and; laugh-out-loud humor. Why? Because stories, myths, and legends have always been a huge part of my life... As a child, I liked nothing better than to lose myself in a world where magic and heroes were part of the fabric of existence.

As my pen name M.M. Boulder I write psychological thrillers and murder mysteries that bring the darker impulses we may not feel completely comfortable with into the light. My stories are full of lies and deaths, but there is always justice. A type of justice that's not afraid to get its hands dirty. I write morally ambiguous characters who are pushed to their limits and take matters into their own hands. In my world getting away with murder has never been so much fun!

No matter what I write every one of my characters are real to me. They exist. They are three-dimensional beings who demand that their stories be told. If I were to turn away from them, they would haunt me; and so I don't. Instead I chase after them and write down everything they say! 


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