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The M.M. Boulder Murder-Mystery Book Collection We All Fall Down
We All Fall Down
(M.M. Boulder Collection)

Two words, written in blood: I’M BACK...

Abby Brooks swore she’d never return to Antler Ridge Camp, not after what happened before; but a paycheck is a paycheck. Furthermore, one renovation job could save her family's struggling business and maybe the whole town with it.
Cooper Cliff, with all its flaws, is the only home Abby’s ever known, and the idea of leaving her quaint mountain town is too much to bear. But she should have trusted her gut, she should’ve said no, she should’ve run; because Abby’s just discovered a dismembered corpse in cabin number one, and it’s only the beginning...

Fans of psychological thrillers and edgy murder mysteries look no further!
If you're into morally ambiguous (but likable) characters who are willing to kill when pushed too far, then this is the book for you! Never bland and always the perfect blend of murder, mystery and dark humor that you crave!

What fans have said about M.M. Boulder’s novels:
★★★★★“Love it. Great read. Quirky. Well written. Interesting and amusing. The surprise ending was killer.”
★★★★★“Great Read. I so enjoyed this book. Deadly subject but lighthearted approach made it out-of-the-ordinary and fun to read. Always good to see "just deserts."
★★★★★“Great, funny in the crazy way, book!”
★★★★★“Excellent book. One of the best books I've ever read.”

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